Salsa’s good

Oh man, it’s not enough that we Chicago Bears fans have to worry about dealing with Drew Brees and the potent New Orleans Saints offense this weekend, now we’ve got to be concerned that if we do get past the Saints we’ll have to audible on the Super Bowl snacks.

The freeze that’s played havoc with
California’s citrus crop evidently has done considerable damage to the state’s avocado production. This just a couple of week’s before Guacamole Sunday.

According to the folks at the California Avocado Commission, more avocados are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year, with an estimated 49.5 million pounds-worth of the fruit making its way into dip for football fans’ tortilla chips during last year’s game.

Estimates are the cold snap will result in approximately $1 billion in agricultural losses in California. And the avocados that are available for the Super Bowl spread are likely to be more expensive. Pass the mixed nuts.


One Response to Salsa’s good

  1. winstonian says:

    Thank God that Kraft Velveeta has a shelf life (no pun intended) of 500 years and, when microwaved, results in instant nacho cheesey alternative to guacamole made from fresh ingredients. Just another reminder why processed food is better than natural. Ole

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