Getting close to the risk

The Professional Liability Underwriting Society sent out an interesting press release today: Patrick M. Kelly, the society’s president will ring the NASDAQ stock market’s closing bell Tuesday.

PLUS, of course, is the professional organization for underwriters, brokers and lawyers involved in the business of professional liability insurance–directors & officers, errors & omissions and the like.

The market close ceremony is intended to kick off the society’s annual D&O symposium to be held Wednesday and Thursday in New York.

Getting to preside over the market close event is quite an honor, I’m sure. Still given everything that’s been happening lately with issues like stock option backdating, seeing representatives from a group focused on professional liability underwriting venturing onto the trading floor makes one wonder whether they might be trying to get up close to the exposure.


2 Responses to Getting close to the risk

  1. stewart says:

    Hi, my name is Stewart, im a student at QUT in Brisbane and would like to know who holds the copyright to the photo of the nasdaq electronic stock board, as i would like to use it in an upcoming assignment.

    Thank You


  2. roddzblog says:

    The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

    Good luck with your assignment!

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