But can you insure against heartbreak?

Well, as I’ve noted before, for better or worse I’m a Chicago Cubs fan. We live just about a five minute walk from Wrigley Field and have had a weekend/night game season ticket package for years.

And of course I have all the requisite heartbreaks to attest to my allegiance: 1969 and the Mets, 1984 and the Padres, 2003 and the Marlins. Oh yes, and the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee’s regular snubbing of Ron Santo.

Well, in addition to routine heartbreak–or maybe part of it–one other thing being a Cubs fan has come to mean in recent years is watching pitchers Kerry Wood and Mark Prior make more trips to the disabled list than the pitching mound. And yesterday, from their spring training site in Arizona, the Cubs announced that Wood will start the season on the DL, with Prior possibly to follow. Aargh.

This year, though, it looks like the Cubs tried to insure themselves against such a possibility (inevitability?) by stockpiling as many arms as possible on their roster, in hopes of avoiding last season’s Carlos Zambrano and four rookies scenario. So maybe the absence of Wood and Prior from the opening day roster won’t have a major impact. Or maybe I’m just talking like a Cubs fan. We’ll see.


One Response to But can you insure against heartbreak?

  1. […] Irrational exuberance? Back at the very start of this year’s baseball season, I posted an item to the blog examining my experiences as a Cubs fan and the prospects for the 2007 season, and wondering whether it might somehow be possible to insure against heartbreak. […]

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