Short memories

With what’s typically the busiest period of the year’s hurricane season yet ahead, the Insurance Information Institute sent out an interesting item today noting that last year’s relatively mild hurricane season is apparently prompting some complacency among coastal residents about the risks they might face.

According to the III, a recent survey shows 48% of those surveyed in the South think homes in their state are likely to be damaged by a hurricane, a drop from 55% who thought such damage was likely in 2006–when the 2005 storm season was still fresh in mind.

The survey showed a similar easing of concerns among residents of northeastern states surveyed, with 25% saying they thought homes in their states were likely to be damaged by a hurricane, down from 30% last year.

The III said the figures come from a national public opinion survey conducted for the organization May 17-20 by the Opinion Research Corp.

According to the III, the survey also showed 64% of those polled expecting more severe natural disasters in the future, and 46% saying they’d be willing to pay more for a home built to withstand a natural disaster. Half of those surveyed said they have an inventory of their possessions to document losses following a disaster, the III said, but only one out of five has taken steps to protect their home from a natural disaster.

If the results inspire you to make your own preparations, the III has a variety of disaster preparation tips on its Web site.


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