A new beginning

I got to attend a very interesting industry gathering last week in Dallas, the first eInsurance Symposium, presented by Internet-based insurance exchange MarketScout.

The approximately 350 attendees were drawn from across the various constituencies involved in doing insurance business online, which was one of the factors making the event particularly interesting–there was a whole lot of serious networking going on. Among those at the conference were retail agents, intermediaries, insurers, reinsurers, technology firms and investment banks and other investors.

The gathering seemed to represent a sort of long-awaited relief from the lingering hangover of the dot-com bubble’s bursting, and a growing awareness that in the insurance industry, like elsewhere, companies are beginning to find online success with business plans that actually make financial sense.

Obviously there’s also a growing awareness among many of those who attended the eInsurance Symposium that younger generations of consumers are coming into the marketplace with an expectation that they’ll be able to make purchases online, and, as potential insurance industry employees, that they’ll expect to be able to do business that way as well.

I’ll be writing about the gathering a bit in October’s Industry Focus, and at greater length in the November/December issue.

And I suspect Richard Kerr, founder and CEO of Dallas-based MarketScout, will be looking for a bigger venue for next year’s symposium.


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