Insurance is often thought of as a rather staid industry, and its marketing efforts are often assumed to be in keeping with that buttoned-down image.

That’s not always the case, obviously. Cavemen and geckos and rabbits who’ve been recently reunited with their “lucky” feet are among the recent examples of the insurance industry’s marketing creativity that have reflected a sense of humor (we’ve written a bit about them in past issues of Industry Focus).

Then there are the ads for the Pacific Northwest’s Vern Fonk Insurance agency, first brought to my midwestern attention courtesy of  Safeco Corp. President and CEO Paula Rosput Reynolds, who showed video of this ad during her presentation at the eInsurance Symposium last month in Dallas. Now that’s marketing.

And they get better, like this one. Or this one.

Even Napoleon and Pedro aren’t safe from the Vern Fonk treatment. And Kip and Uncle Rico get in on the act, too. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Honk for Fonk.



2 Responses to Dance!

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