Litigation blues

I know people who are scared of clowns, I even know a guy who’s scared of strolling mariachis in Mexican restaurants.

And, while it’s never been quite a phobia with me, I’ve never been particularly thrilled about various entertainment events in which the performers force the involuntary participation of paying customers. And stories like this one from today’s Chicago Tribune might well kick what’s merely been aversion into the phobia category.

The story details a California man filing suit Wednesday in connection with what he claims was his forced involvement in a Blue Man routine in Chicago last October. It seems, according to the suit, that while the man was attending the performance with his grandson, he was involved against his will in that old show biz chestnut, the “esophagus cam” routine.

If you’re not familiar with the routine (I wasn’t, having never attended a Blue Man performance), the Tribune story reports that the plaintiff alleges that while performers forcibly restrained him,  one proceeded to force a video camera down his throat. Worse (if that’s possible), the suit contends that at the time the camera was shoved in his mouth it was covered with theater floor-type grime, as well as some of the performers’ blue paint.

At any rate, the result, apparently, is a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages in excess of $50,000.

What I’m wondering is, if I’m an insurer covering the Blue Man group, do I have them work with my entertainment and leisure division, or someone in my med mal group?

Ah, that’s entertainment.


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