I wrote a couple of years back in my Industry Focus column about the fact that the insurance industry seemed to be slowly intersecting with the world of blogs. I received further evidence of that development today, by way of a release from Westfield Insurance announcing that it had created two new blogs.

As part of the redesign of the Westfield, Ohio-based insurer’s Web site, the company launched the two blogs, one on information security, and the other on loss control.

Mike Rossander, corporate information security manager at Westfield, will be the author of the information security blog, leading discussions on security issues of interest to both businesses and individuals, including tips for maintaining the security of private information.

Lisa Mundt and Jay Gumbrecht, senior risk control representatives at Westfield, will be responsible for the loss control blog, covering a variety of risk management and loss prevention topics aimed at helping businesses manage and reduce risk.

Earlier this year, San Francisco-based Technorati Inc. indicated it was tracking more than 110 million blogs. In the column I referred to at the top of this post from November 2006, the number was 60 million, so the blogging trend is obviously still quite healthy.

With that in mind, it’s good to see a 160-year-old company like Westfield embrace current technology to better serve its customers.


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