I’m back, ba-bee!

June 3, 2009

Just a heads up that Claims & Occurrences is back in business, though exclusively on the Business Insurance site. I’m posting regularly there, and a number of my colleagues have blogs you might find interesting as well, so please have a look, if you will.

Meanwhile, as I indicated recently, I’m going to keep the existing content around on this site for a while while I decide what I’m going to do with this particular location. Details to come.


An update

May 15, 2009

First, to anyone who’s visited this blog over the past several months looking for new content, my apologies. Second, a more regular posting schedule should resume soon.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Business Insurance magazine’s monthly Industry Focus supplement, which I edited, was a casualty of the economy late last year. I’ve moved into a new special projects editor role at BI, which sees me developing and directing the editorial side of a host of new undertakings both in print and online. In addition, I’m contributing reporting to the weekly Business Insurance, in particular leading the coverage on our captive insurance beat.

As my original purpose in starting this blog was as sort of an adjunct to IF, in the interest of preventing confusion–and, truth be told, in part as a result of getting accustomed to my new role occupying most of my attention–I’ve let Claims & Occurrences go fallow the last few months. That will be changing very soon, however, as Claims & Occurrences will be one of a number of blogs that will be appearing on the Business Insurance Web site.

With our switch to a new Web platform–which I’m told might occur as early as next week–businessinsurance.com will host not only Claims & Occurrences, but also blogs by my esteemed colleagues BI Editor Regis Coccia, International Editor Adrian Ladbury, Senior Editors Sally Roberts and Joanne Wojcik and Senior Editor and Western Bureau Chief Roberto Ceniceros. I’ll post the details here when we go live, and I’d encourage you to follow me to the BI site to see not only what I’m going on about, but to get a chance to tap the insights of my fellow Business Insurance staffers.

Meanwhile, to those of you who might have been Industry Focus readers and/or readers of this blog, my thanks. I’ll be bringing you fresh Claims & Occurrences musings very soon, and hope you’ll check them out. As for this particular location, I haven’t quite determined its future yet, though I’m entertaining thoughts of letting this content stand for a bit longer, than perhaps using this space to address interests and issues very different from business and commercial insurance.

Details to come.

Go Cubs Go!

September 28, 2007

I’ve made little secret in the past about my allegiance to a certain baseball team on Chicago’s North Side.

Experience tells me to take it easy, and not let my emotions get the better of me.

Still, having just returned from a walk around Wrigley Field with Kathy and Algren and our W (the W they fly above the Wrigley Field scoreboard to signify a Cubs win, not the other “W.”) flag, I’m looking forward to the next few weeks.

Of course, I figure this must be the Cubs year. If they make it to the World Series–if I look at the playoff schedule and the calendar correctly–I’ll be in Boston for the PCI conference while the Cubs are playing their World Series games in Chicago. Guess it means either a quick trip back and forth to Chicago, or maybe paying a scalper for a ticket in Fenway.

Anyway, Go Cubs Go!

But can you insure against heartbreak?

March 27, 2007

Well, as I’ve noted before, for better or worse I’m a Chicago Cubs fan. We live just about a five minute walk from Wrigley Field and have had a weekend/night game season ticket package for years.

And of course I have all the requisite heartbreaks to attest to my allegiance: 1969 and the Mets, 1984 and the Padres, 2003 and the Marlins. Oh yes, and the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee’s regular snubbing of Ron Santo.

Well, in addition to routine heartbreak–or maybe part of it–one other thing being a Cubs fan has come to mean in recent years is watching pitchers Kerry Wood and Mark Prior make more trips to the disabled list than the pitching mound. And yesterday, from their spring training site in Arizona, the Cubs announced that Wood will start the season on the DL, with Prior possibly to follow. Aargh.

This year, though, it looks like the Cubs tried to insure themselves against such a possibility (inevitability?) by stockpiling as many arms as possible on their roster, in hopes of avoiding last season’s Carlos Zambrano and four rookies scenario. So maybe the absence of Wood and Prior from the opening day roster won’t have a major impact. Or maybe I’m just talking like a Cubs fan. We’ll see.

Go Bears!

February 2, 2007

This being the Friday before the Super Bowl and all, and a certain team from Chicago representing the National Football Conference in Sunday’s contest, as the afternoon wears on it’s become increasingly difficult to think about things other than the game.

It’s a good thing, then, that some representatives of Chicago’s insurance community have made a point of demonstrating their interest in the game as well. Hats off to CNA for their tribute to the “Super Bears” in the lights of Chicago’s CNA building, and to those responsible for providing the illuminated “Bears” message on the Aon Center and the “Bear Down” sentiment on the Blue Cross-Blue Shield building.

Go Bears!